Welcome to the Mason-Dixon Rock, Mineral, Gemology, and Lapidary Club. We are located in south central Pennsylvania about 10mins from the Pa/Md border(the Mason-Dixon Line). We are a brand new club and the first of its kind in this area!!

Our goals are to supply a place for lovers of rocks, minerals, gemology, lapidary(cabbing, faceting, carving, etc.), metal smithing, geology, gemstones, fossils, etc. to meet, make new friends that enjoy the same things, learn about things you have always wanted to learn about, learn to do things you maybe always wanted to learn, etc.

We want to start having regular meetings as soon as we get some members, then we will figure out what days/nights best suit folks for the meetings/fun. Smiley. We also will be planning fields trips to local collecting sites, quarries, etc.

We are also going to look into having swap meets and/or shows as well!!

We have access to a full workshop here with all the goodies!! Full gemological equipment including state of the art testing equipment like an Ocean Optics Spectrophotometer, refractometer, digital reflectivity meter, precision balances, polariscope, dichroscope, diffraction grating spectroscope, digital metal identifier, high end microscopes, special photographic equipment for doing micro and macro work including through the scopes! Full lapidary setups including cabbing machines, slab saws, trim saws, grinders, flat laps, Scintillator 88 faceting machine, OMF concave faceter, etc. We also have quite a collection of materials, including samples of almost anything you can think of too!! The workshop and equipment is on lend to us for use by a local Gemstone and Jewelry store Gems By Jennifer. The only requirement is anyone under 18yrs of age must be accompanied by and adult or legal guardian and all members will have to sign a waiver agreeing not to hold us nor Gems By Jennifer responsible for any injuries, damages, or the like. Pretty standard stuff for any club. Smiley.

So come on in and have a great time and help us grow this Club into a large and fun one!!

Here is a list of current equipment at our disposal:

•Custom Ocean Optics S2000 USB UV-VIS 200-850nm Spectrophotometer & Databases x2
•SpectraSuite Software for the Spectrometer which includes color grading capabilities
•High End 3.5-95x Magnification w/ customized 50w Darkfield Illumination
•Leica Wild M420 Photomakroscop, 1:5 Makro APO objective, 1.25x Photo port, CCD Camera, 6×6″ XY Base, 3.5x-128x magnifications (one of best microscopes made)
•Meiji Techno 40-1000x microscope + camera port & adapter
•Specialized digital SLR using the FoveonX3 sensor (the only sensor capable of reproducing accurate colors)
•Too much to mention in the line of specialized photographic equipment for Macroscopy and Microscopy.
•2x 150w Quartz Halogen Fiber Optic Light Sources with dual flexible pipe fibers
•2x CMOS cameras for the microscopes
•Special camera attachments for the microscopes for differing cameras
•Diffraction Grating Spectrometer
•Immersion Cell & Varying Immersion Liquids
•Reflectivity Meter
•Darkfield Loupe
•2x Measuring Loupes
•10x Hastings GemOro Loupe
•10x BeLOMO Loupe (simply amazing loupe)
•Chelsea Filter, and various other gemstone ID filters
•Hydrostatic Specific Gravity Unit
•Special Scales for the Industry(4-5 specialized ones)
•Flat Lap 6″
•Custom Opal Cutting Machine 4″ Lap
•6″ trim saw
•Dual 8″ Wheel Grinder/Polisher
•10″ Slab Saw
•Poly-Metric, Inc. Scintillator 88 8″ Faceting Machine
•Poly-Metric, Inc. OMF for concave faceting
•We use 8″ Batt, Darkside, DarkWing, Cab, Star, and Corian Laps
•We use Voodoo Polish in 2K, 3K, 14K, and 50K grits
•We use BattSticks in Cerium Oxide & Aluminum Oxide as well as ZAM for polishes
•Graves Spool Polisher
•Highland Park 10″ saw, 8″ two wheel + Polisher Lapidary Unit
•Diamond Pacific Genie
•Lortone FL-15 15″ Vibratory Lap
•Rotary Tool
•As well as lots of different specialized light sources, including but not limited to full spectrum, lasers, UV, SWUV, LWUV, MWUV, etc.