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Oct 3 Meeting

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Merlin’s Coffee Shop
10 S. Franklin St.
Hanover, Pa


Hey everyone. We’re still having phone message issues. Please contact us via email or use our Facebook page for now. That way we will get your messages and be able to respond promptly. Thanks!


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We are looking for a location to hold our first meeting or so. If anyone knows a place that will donate some space to us to use please contact me ASAP. We will gladly ad an advertizement at the page top or a link to their website for allowing use of space for meetings. Thank you.

The meeting place right now is the hold up.

Also, for those trying to call us, we had an issue with our provider, but it is now fixed, and we will receive calls once again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are still alive and getting there. Just taking a bit longer then originally planned due to health issues. But we are getting the workshop setup at a steady pace. Once it is finished we will have our first Official meeting. After that we will look for a location to have normal meetings and have a workshop at least one time per month at a minimum. With special events in between of course.

Well, finished the Logo, nothing too fancy, but hey, it works!



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We are planning on going live very soon! What this means is local paper advertisements, Craig’s List Adverts, The Merchandiser Adverts, as well as hopefully getting the local papers in both States to do a nice write up about our Club getting started! The big thing all this means is meetings finally!!! Regular ones at that too! Our goal is at least once per week, but only one per month will be mandatory, so don;t worry. So keep your eyes and ears open! We are working hard behind the scenes here daily!

In fact, just redid the banner up top and am working on an actual logo as well!

Hello All

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Welcome to the future home of the Mason-Dixon Rock, Mineral, Gemological, & Lapidary Club! We are a rcok, mineral, fossil, gemology, lapidary(incl. cabbing, faceting, etc.), metalsmithing, etc. club. If it has to do with rocks, minerals, gemology, or lapidary we cover it.

For now our announcements and such are located at GEMADDICTS. This is currently our forum and will continue to be so even after this website is setup.